We tried a brand-new strategy that works against Grand Champions

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With only a week before we scrim Spacestation Gaming, we tried finding brand new strategies to catch them off guard. Here's how we did it!
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  • And yes, I'm a *Fennec* main now, fight me. ► discord.gg/MERTZY

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    • @Apollo Pablo Awesome! Took like 15 minutes but it worked!

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    • @Nathan mertzy < musty

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    • Same

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    • They have the same hit box it doesn’t really matter

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    • Same

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  • The intro do 😂😅🤣

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  • Name of this song please :) 11:41

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  • obama is the real homie

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  • no words at 10:20 lmao

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  • Whats the name of the boost mertzy use on this video (not cirrus)

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    • cirrus.

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  • 8:42 "Are you ready" kids Aye-aye captain!! Oh!!!!!!

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  • This is the best rl trio there so funny

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  • Disunified becomes unified

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  • Hey mertcy thanks for the fun time

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  • Hey Mertzy thanks for ur epic videos they are awesome

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  • this video keeps getting alot of views and likes says mertzy. Me, well now i am not going to do it

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    • btw i did everthing lol

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  • Ok but here’s the thing. It’s a strategy not a challenge so it’s not really bad if a player has to leave their designated area to cover for their tm8 if it means not getting scored on yfm

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  • At the end thy kept laughing 😂

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  • Hey mertzy, thanks for the fun time

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  • This vid was lmao

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  • I just did 7 to 1 the whole game and it so fun I told the kid GB and love the content and it was in solo

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  • Need more of this content MERTZY bro!

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  • merzty can u plz gimmi the fennec the normal fennec

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  • he changed his password

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  • mertzy i got my cousin the fennec guess wat i would of traded it in wanna know why because he being mean to me

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  • MERTZY please can you add me my epic is shadowmonstersd

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  • Linkuru sounds like a weird chrome extension that makes making links easier

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  • OSM: i feel like you could’ve interfered Also OSM: *bumps teammate out of position and goal being the reason Mertzy couldn’t save that*

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  • I love how all mertzy videos end in a nice multiple of 10 seconds

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  • 3:35 wait what did he said? "krata tous" was that greek or something?

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  • Like the content

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  • Mertzy “ we should always do this” Linkaru “ yeah guys it’s so fun”

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  • Hey mertzy, thanks for the fun time!

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  • Linkuru sounds just live Fundy 🤩

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  • Does osm stand for online soccer manager

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  • Mertzy I would love some new videos with you and your friends having fun :)

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  • It's cool how he's best friends with Obama

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  • Mertzy can u help me get the fennec epic is Not Cripticc

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  • i want the fennec:(

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  • cool video

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  • You posted this on my birthday!!! 😃😃😃

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  • U need to 1v1 musty again

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  • Copied the OSMusturu

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  • Bro you are to good

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  • Did u guys realize on ur team every round the goalies mvp. But osm.,...

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  • Nice video! Love your content!😄🙂

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  • Hey mertzy thanks for the fun time

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  • I finally found the reason why these goddamn golds sat in goal when I first started playing. People still do this dumb shit today.

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  • Hey mertzy, thanks for the fun time

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  • Bb n hhhhb b bnbbbbb;

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  • Im here at 666 666 views. But this is my 50th time watching this. I’m from Sweden btw

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  • The demo strategy actually works in 2v2s

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  • Before seeing you videos about this strategy I had been doing this with some friends and it actually works really well

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  • The afraid roll subcellularly double because wallet inexplicably look plus a glistening glorious smoke. lame, nonchalant fur

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  • Omg your so good better then musty

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  • I got a challeng for you you should do a con test where you can’t jump and most goals win

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