We accidentally created the craziest tournament of all time

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Because I'm having far too much fun with extra modes right now, I'm challenging my viewers to a tournament to see if we can win a series!
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0:00 Intro
0:41 Spikey Rushers
7:10 Seekheater
10:21 Droptopshot
13:05 Outro
#MERTZY #RocketLeague #F2P
Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: www.epidemicsound.com

  • YES I'M HAVING *TOO MUCH FUN* PLAYING EXTRA MODES RIGHT NOW DON'T JUDGE ME 😞 Also big shoutout to nrg jamal ► discord.gg/MERTZY

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    • 4years buddy he heh yeah.

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    • ok i

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    • ioiioi

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    • @airforce owl b

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    • @airforce owl ioi

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  • Hey mertzy thank you for including your subscribers in your vids

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  • Hey mertzy ur dog water beich

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  • Ur a god duo

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  • U lot are the best

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  • I dudi

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  • Mertzy can you do a face reval plz

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  • You fly bye getting the ball under your car

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  • I feel like my skill is capped at D2 if anyone else has this same issue and y’all got some codes that helped you please comment the code to help me out

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  • “ WHAT A WONDERFUL LIFE... wait is it life or world”😭-

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  • I got 2mph does that mean 1kph

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  • I love how he put seekheater lol

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  • I came up with one for the gods more like its god more like frauds

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  • WR kph is 0

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  • Ye just my bro got 0

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  • I’m on my mum’s acc

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  • Lol

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  • I honestly think I shouldn’t have been born

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  • freestyle MERTZY 8:17

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  • Hello my child

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  • 4:59 I pis my pants

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  • Gods more like bots

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  • NRG gan

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  • You can tell they had so much fun making this.

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  • 4:29 it’s not record my record is 0

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  • Hey Mertzy thanks for including your subscribers

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  • he wrote seekheater😐😐

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  • This is a version of fearless playing RL

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  • Ur vids are so funny

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  • Mertzy, flips Osm and mertzy- oHhHHhOOoO bAbE ooooo

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  • i like when the fan said im so nerbous

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  • Hey Metzy thanks for including your subscribers in videos and I can’t wait to join the next one!

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  • S

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  • I counted 14 ankle breaks in spike rush why did I do that 🤦‍♂️

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  • Hey Mertzy ty for including ur fans in ur video,!

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  • Do the have reverse nicks ( mertzy and osm pulse) 6:03

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  • i love how comfortable osm is with mertzy

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  • Mertzy world record is 0kph

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  • Ahhhh yes seekheater

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  • Yyyo

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  • 4:45 pulse osms laugh do

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  • 5:38 this guys like frankinstine

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  • Nice musty flicks at the end there

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  • *subbing with ringin clock*

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  • Lute

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  • Every one who comments after me is a chad

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  • I have got a 0kph goal

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  • If you don’t like mertzy I hate you

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  • pulse OSM me Mertzy r so good and sweating freestyling everything

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  • Just me lol but at the time stamps it says seekheater😂

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  • The spike rush tournament they were just having a good time

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  • Me to

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  • is he sound like fearless or what

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  • You where about to score but then he comes in and steals your goal lol😂😂btw your gids make my day

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  • Wr is 0kph

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  • NRGjamal is sick

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  • the funnyest year part one 0:48 and 10:43

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  • ugng


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  • Man he is so good at rocket league

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  • You are my favorite FIworldr in the world

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  • 10:38 MUCKY

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  • 6:36 F

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  • why spike rush mertzy

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  • I’ve got 1 mph as well

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  • K*

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  • Lol on the timeline it says seekheater

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  • 8:07 im bout to end this mans career

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  • Jamals clip that’s not Jamal it is Jstn

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  • 1v1 musty

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  • Hello how are you i am under the water please help me its to mutch raining

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  • i play your settiges

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  • anyone else notice the names of the section or just me?

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  • Mertzy is better than Pulse OSM

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  • 4:50 OSM on crack

  • hey mertzy idk why it doesnt let me join your server i press on the link and it doesnt let me join for some reason maybe you can help me?

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  • Anyone else find seekheater instead of heat seeker 🤣

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  • name boost?

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  • Is mertzy in in ssg?

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  • Hello god:)

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  • calm down jamal

    read your bible lol really read itread your bible lol really read itUukausi sitten
  • hey mertzy your gay

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  • That’s not how you spel scored

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  • 12:46 "I'm wasting all my boost tryna go for balls but I'm not REACHING" -Mertzy 2020

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    • It’s 2021 bro

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