I tried every trick to beat the best pro player in RLCS history

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Today, we play against the most mechanically skilled pro player in RLCS history... and all I need, is a single win.
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0:00 Intro
0:56 Standard
3:35 Seekheater
5:09 Zoomer
7:23 Ready To Rumble
9:33 ShopDrot
11:27 Outro
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  • 4:17 seekheater

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  • WHAT a video dude

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  • Did anyone else notice how justins name changed in the first round

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  • Jstn shou play again please

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  • 1st game was 69 nice

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  • Jstn changed his name mid way through a round wtf

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  • daddy uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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    • give me more

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  • 2:09, he is the REAL juicetin bro, mertzy got his stuff rocked and my guy still somehow changed his name mid game wtf...

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  • hey mertzy, thanks for not winning every match so jstn doesn't feel embarrased.

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  • Hi mertzy

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  • Hi merzy

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  • Hey mertzy, Thanks for not winning every round so jstn doesn't feel embarrassed.

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  • 5:04 pls quote that

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  • Any one realize the chapters are spelled wrong

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  • Did jstn just change his name mid game

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  • He's cracked my guy

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  • Jstns name changed in round 1 from justinpoo to jstn

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  • 2s with Justin!

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  • SeatHeeker in chapters lol

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  • Lol zoomed instead of boomer

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  • Hey Mertzy Thank You For Not Winning Every Round So Jstn Dosent feel embarrassed

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  • Whats the name of jstn s octane decal?

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  • How did his name change mid game

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  • Everyone go sub to lethamry so we can get him to 1m at march 31st

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  • Im about to end this man whole carrer 2:25

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  • u should play hoops with a freestyler! love ur videos btw

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  • I just realized that Mertzy sounds exactly like call me Kevin lol

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  • I can tell that Justin has never seen the light of day

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  • Where did 10 points come from in the rumble game????

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  • Justin is cracked my guy

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  • WhAt DiD YoU SaY AbOuT PoKiMiAn

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    • I said fuck you PoKiMaIne

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    • what did you say about pokimaine

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  • 2:08 wait a minute my boi don changed his name mid game

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    • I didn’t see that lol

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  • Mertzy 1v1 me mate

  • My friend here jstn...

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  • Wich decal is Justin using

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  • hey mertzy i have subscribed and liked. I feel like justin should loose if you have the ball because he is only good at the air you are very good at the ground

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  • “Zoomer”

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  • Hey mertzy, Thanks for not winning every round so jstn doesn't feel embarrassed.

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  • did no one realize if u look at the red line indicating where you are on the video it says seekheater instead of heatseeker? XD

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  • Question how does jstn flip three times

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  • TBH i think turbo is better hes a 4 time world champ

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  • You acting like turbopolsa doesn’t exist

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  • Man do I love a good bit of seekheater

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  • 2:10 me: ok now he's just popping off

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  • Jstn changed his name half way thru

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  • Roeses are red FIworld is too I got my first like But why is it blue

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  • I looked up the best rocket league player and it said fairypeak

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  • 3:37 next up is Seekheater? XD

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  • gg wp

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  • The first match is two matches? Jstns name changed

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  • Make more videos with Justin

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  • Sde is the best thing to have Qqrsws

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  • Did anyone else notice justns name changed halfway through the first game

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  • #mertzy

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  • And again on heetseeker

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  • How did Justin change his name to Jstn?

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  • mertzy are you a rocket car youvlogger

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  • You In roblox 😘😘😘😘

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  • Seekheater

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  • Everytime i see Jstn i feel scared that I wanna forfeit

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  • 2 minutes in a heatseeker round my friend can even touch the ball halve the time

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  • 2:03 JSTN name changed

  • 0:03 tryded

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  • 0:07 Arsenal:Am I a joke to you?

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  • He named the heatseeker chapter seekheater

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  • The measly paperback multivariately spark because danger extragingivally clean behind a weary base. hoc, rigid sister-in-law

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  • Mertzy du bist der beste youtuber

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  • How did jstns name change mid game in the standard

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  • Here’s my friend Justin, already taken and he’s cracked at rocket league my guy

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  • He plays on ps4

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  • Brig I thought that Mertzy was a god but he ain't

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  • 2:43 What a Save!

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  • Mertzy is the little mac of rocket league

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  • more! :D

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  • No one going to talk about the sections seekheater and shopdrot? Okay.

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    • haha i noticed that too

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  • ShopDrot

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  • ShopDrop

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  • *sad Turbopolsa noises*

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  • It says seekheater

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  • kinda expected kronovi, but thats ok

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  • 2:24 Nobody: Jstn: I’m a bout to end dis mans whole career

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  • On the first match

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  • Wait! How did Justin’s name changed mid game

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  • From 4:17 u should count thar pass game, naybe a new record😁😄

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  • Hey Mertzy thanks for not winning every round so jstn doesn’t feel embarrassed.

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